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Bourbon Street Chinese Cresteds
Showing & Exhibiting Pure Bred Dogs since 1969

"Until one has loved an animal,
part of their soul remains unawakened."

Our names are Susan & Jerry Roeder.

We live and own a small hobby kennel in North Central Wisconsin and will be married 51 years this coming December. Our dogs are kept in the house and our occasional litters were also raised in our home. We have retired from breeding in 2010. We dearly love dogs.We have made them the main focus in our life together.

We started showing and exhibiting dogs in 1969, we were exclusively in Afghan Hounds (during these years we bred 7 litters of afghans), who have all gone to rainbow bridge many years ago.
In 1996 when we purchased our first Chinese Crested.  He was our Kennel King "Jack". He became  AM/CAN/UKC Ch.Sanuchar Midnight Gambler. ("Jack" has now gone to rainbow bridge). We were only going to get one Crested. But fell so in love with the breed.
We owned and published the Chinese Breed magazine "OUR CRESTEDS" for almost 11 years, ending the beginning of 2012.
We have only bred a litter when we wanted something to show ourselves. We rarely placed any of the puppies, we tend to get attatched and keep them. We have bred 4 litters of Chinese Cresteds in the 16 years we have been in the breed. A total of 11 litters in the last 44 years. When you tend to keep most of what you breed you can not breed very often as the numbers go up very fast.
Our select males are used only on occasion to approved outside bitch's.

Our dogs are BAER tested (hearing) CERF certified (eyes) and Patella's  (OFA) certified, Cardio test (OFA), prcd PRA (OFA), Lens Luxation  (OFA) PLL.

We do not care to or have the finances to special a dog. But we do enjoy showing them and finishing them. The bad thing about that is when you finish one you want another one to show. We are now of retirement age and are showing less. And picking our shows and the judges carefully.

Hope you enjoy the web site and meeting our Cresteds!! Most are retired show dogs and enjoy hunting squirrels and chipmonks. And yes they do catch them...                          

Susan & Jerry Roeder                                           

                       Members in good standing.                 






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